Timber Frame Design

The core of my business is timber frame design. I work with small and large shops, individual craftsman and large companies. I can produce designs that are cut by hand or create a 3d model for use with your own shop processes.

Schematic presentation and pricing model for a carousel pavilion for Great Country Timber Frames.
Final building with antique carousel for Great Country Timber Frames.
3d Modeling for Client Presentation

The first step for my involvement in your project is often a schematic design for client approval. I often work from imported architectural drawings from your architect or designer, your hand sketches, or just a footprint and your favorite images that you found on the web.

Schematic Design, Design for Pricing including Material Lists

Once you or your client like the direction and overall size of the frame I will refine the design, update timber sizing and I can produce color coded models for engineering review and material lists exported from the model for estimating and pricing.

A schematic model for Cascade Joinery.

Shop Drawings and Joinery Design

Depending on the needs of your client or shop I often generate timber frame shop drawings. These include as much or little detail as required for fabrication – including joinery design and any special conditions needed for the fabrication of the timber frame. I often coordinate with your builder, design team, architect and engineer.

A detailed model prepared for shop drawings for a small pavilion for Montague Timberfames.
A detailed model prepared for 2d shop drawings for Cascade Joinery.
Log posts in the shop for Cascade Joinery.
Shop drawings on site.
Detailed model prepared for shop drawings for Rulo Timberworks.

The timber frame standing by Rulo Timberworks.
One of 6 complex valley systems by Rulo Timberworks.
Permit Drawings

In addition to providing detailed drawings for the shop I can provide stamped permit drawings for the timber frame components as needed. Depending on the requirements of your project I work with colleagues licensed throughout the US and Canada to provide and coordinate sealed plans for building department submittal.

An excerpt from a permit set of drawings in collaboration with Fire Tower Engineered Timber.