Heavy Timber Building Design

The beauty of the timber framed building is the potential to express the structure of the building to its users. In many cases this is a juggling act between the architectural program, the budget, and the sculptural expression of the frame.

3d and architectural details for a custom timber frame home.
3d details for a custom timber frame barn.

I have had the pleasure to work on small and large projects as a consultant as well as lead designer, offering design insight on not only the timber frame, but often on how all the pieces fit and relate to the whole – from client interview to first sketches to final plans.

Hand sketches to start, or to make notes for an addition.
Job site visit for a custom home with Uncarved Block.
Exterior model exploring siding options of a modern timber home.
Interior study of a modern timber home.

I can work as a consultant to your local builder, your local timber framer, or direct with you as a client. The work for a custom building begins as an interview and we proceed into space planning, rough shapes and sizes, and refine both the timber elements and the overall building as we go.

Once the size and shape and the overall plan is taking shape I can help with project rendering and materials choices.

Lighting plan excerpt for a modern steel and wood custom home.
Materials and lighting sample sheets for a steel and timber custom home.