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Monday, May 16th, 2016

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Nice to be featured on the SketchUp website!

Recent Design Work

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

A garage in Lake George, NY, nearing final engineering. Detailed production drawings for a couple of pavilions. And a proposal for a small outdoor shelter.

Recent Work – Salina, KS

Friday, May 29th, 2009


Private Residence in Salina, KS.
Architect – David Exline
Builder – Bill Davis of Davis and Associates
Timber Frame – Mike Beganyi / New Energy Works
Timber Frame Materials – Douglas Fir and RF Dried Douglas Fir
Photos courtesy of David Exline.

A Table Collaboration

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
Live edge walnut and ash meeting table.

Live edge walnut and ash meeting table.

This table has the mark of two designers and craftsmen on it, and the third makes his mark on it showing his wares and meeting his clients over it. I designed and began the crafting of this table for good friend Tim to use as a small conference and meeting table at his studio. Like most work I take on for family and friends I was completely over committed – but instead of having Tim wait the better part of a year (as he did on his hand joined sycamore and walnut jeweler’s bench) – I collaborated with Chris Harvan to get the project completed. I designed the rough table form in SketchUp then sourced the live edge walnut. While I was working the walnut and making use of an antique 18″ wide jointer, Chris took my design file and tweaked it a bit to include some joinery he wanted to cut and added a repeat of the walnut into the legs. Upon rough joining the table top I handed off the walnut with basic instructions on how I wanted the reversed wane edges to transition to one another, and Chris took over.

The live edges of the top are reversed from one side to the other.

The live edges of the top are reversed from one side to the other.

Structure Under Tension (we’re all connected)

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I created this piece while teaching design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. I’ve unearthed it from my archives as I’ve had a chance encounter on a project that reminded me how small the world is – and how interconnected we all are.

The piece attempts to reflect the interconnected nature of the world, where actions we take are linked through a web of ecosystems, potentially affecting the stability of the structure – the stability of the whole as influenced by small actions. A current that ran through my class was the blending of traditional craft with conceptual art – and my students’ work focused on blending the disciplines of ‘thinking’ with that of ‘making’. This object was the result of turning the tables on my students and asking them to write the final assignment of the semester. Both instructor and students would create works that enmeshed recent changes in our world view within an object.

Structure Under Tension is a kinetic sculpture made of wood and steel cable. 26 wedges and 26 keystones form a circle. Steel cable links keystones opposite each other across the circle and individual cables extend outward from the wedges to wooden handles. Participants assemble the structure on the ground, sit in a circle, and pull on the handles. The circle locks together, becoming a tension ring with each piece of the circle compressing on it’s neighbor. If the tension is equal and controlled around the circle, the ring lifts off the ground and floats. When pressure becomes unequal, the integrity of the structure is compromised and the ring collapses. The forces involved in holding the circle together are easily visualized – but the variables in the pressure are not easy to control. Predicting where the ring will break is impossible – as the slightest change in pressure finds the weakest link and starts to break the chain.