Updated 2016 Teaching Schedule

Updated Class Schedule:

I’ll be giving two presentations at SketchUp Basecamp 2016 and I am honored to be on the speakers list! Basecamp is full – so I hope you registered early and I hope to see you there!

Due to the popularity of the early summer Introduction to SketchUp at Heartwood we have added a second class this fall, and we have moved the Pro class to a later date to allow folks to take an intensive 1 week workshop of Intro + Pro, with discounts available if you sign up for both classes.

Timber Framing and SketchUp
SketchUp Basecamp
Steamboat Springs, CO
June 13-16, 2016

SketchUp is an ideal platform for designing heavy timber structures (and buildings). Join experienced timber frame designer Mike Beganyi to learn how SketchUp and LayOut are used from initial client contact and sales proposals, all the way to shop drawings and construction documents. You’ll walk away understanding how to quickly model concepts for clients, generate take-offs of timber components for estimates, get into the nitty gritty details for permits, and take your framing design through the engineering process and develop shop drawings for consumption by a design/build or timber frame company.

Introduction to SketchUp
Heartwood School
Washington, MA
October 24-26, 2016

The three-day Heartwood hands-on workshop will cover the basics of the software and work toward completing a small timber frame design from rough sketch to client presentation. The class is a great chance for new users to learn the software in the context of a finished project or for experienced 3D and CAD designers to learn and expand their skills with a free and incredibly powerful modeling and presentation tool.

Advanced SketchUp and LayOut
Heartwood School
Washington, MA
October 27-28, 2016

LayOut is a powerful addition to SketchUp Pro and makes the basic program into a dynamioc prsentation tool. It can act as a simple graphic design program or as a complex window into your SketchUp models. Treating the LayOut page as a sheet of trace paper, we can peer into multiple models, zoom in on joinery details, and add dimensions, notes and graphical; data to move from our 3D model to presentation, permit and final shop drawings.

Private Consulting and Training
Ongoing, on site or via screen share
Inquire via phone or email.

Private consulting and instruction for individuals and groups is offered via on site presentations and instruction as well as via screen share and conference calling.

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