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A Small Office

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

A project on the boards for a small office located in Brecksville, Ohio. The building is sited in a flood plain and overlooks a wonderful creek – so we will be creative with the landscaping and what will appear to be a massive native stone foundation. I’m working out a timbered deck for the creek side of the building, and we are discussing solar on the south roof. The building will feature a timber frame core and loft with a series of work rooms under timber trusses. We’re planning a SIP roof and conventionally framed walls with cellulose insultation. Lots of stone and wood on the exterior and a collection of built in furniture and work stations throughout.

I’m working through the bulk of the project in SketchUp in an attempt to integrate as much of the drawing and detailing as I can into the live 3d model of the frame and shell.

A Not so Big House

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Greg’s house in Plainfield, VT – a not so big timber frame with a warm and sunlit main living area and two lofts for storage and a home office.

Detail of the center bent and bracing.

Detail of the center bent and bracing.

More images and information to come over at Greg’s little company website – Sticks and Stones.

An Interesting Tree

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

N 42°38.251′

I met this tree just before I moved from the Finger Lakes region of New York to Vermont.

A Table Collaboration

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
Live edge walnut and ash meeting table.

Live edge walnut and ash meeting table.

This table has the mark of two designers and craftsmen on it, and the third makes his mark on it showing his wares and meeting his clients over it. I designed and began the crafting of this table for good friend Tim to use as a small conference and meeting table at his studio. Like most work I take on for family and friends I was completely over committed – but instead of having Tim wait the better part of a year (as he did on his hand joined sycamore and walnut jeweler’s bench) – I collaborated with Chris Harvan to get the project completed. I designed the rough table form in SketchUp then sourced the live edge walnut. While I was working the walnut and making use of an antique 18″ wide jointer, Chris took my design file and tweaked it a bit to include some joinery he wanted to cut and added a repeat of the walnut into the legs. Upon rough joining the table top I handed off the walnut with basic instructions on how I wanted the reversed wane edges to transition to one another, and Chris took over.

The live edges of the top are reversed from one side to the other.

The live edges of the top are reversed from one side to the other.


Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

I keep a journal of my bicycle adventures over at my other online presence. Drop in and check out our car-lite travels, local Burlington, Vermont dirt road rambles, and my quest to ride a Super Randonneur series and cap it off with the Endless Mountains 1240k this fall.


Dynamic Timber Components

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I made a quick YouTube screen capture of some dynamic timber components I’ve been working on. SketchUp Pro V7 adds new functionality to create parametric components – in this case timbers and joinery that can change size from an option menu as opposed to editing the geometry. Displayed in the video are: dynamic gable shell creator, dynamic posts and timbers, a dynamic rafter, and examples of dynamic joinery. I’ve detailed two small frames using a combination of the dynamic components and Clark Bremer’s TF Rubies. The components need a bit of work – but in all they are a great first step to creating a parametric based timber modeling package.

New Hardware

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I’ve been migrating my software from the old machine to the new… a dreadful task. Two days of head scratching with a timber app and we’ve finally sourced the problem – and hours of waiting for my backup drive to copy then to paste. The new machine is blazing fast compared to the old. SketchUp was starting to bog down with complex models, and the recent version of AutoCAD was nearly unusable.

Dell M6400 with Dual Core CPU and Quadro FX Graphics

Dell M6400 with Dual Core CPU and Quadro FX Graphics